September 17, 2011
The Albino Frog

Extreme deviations in nature often require that such deviations be placed on the extremes of the social structures to which they most closely adhere. Take, for example, the albino frog, who is white while his comrades are greenish. This discrepancy creates serious problems in many areas, both natural and social, to be discussed herein.

Naturally, the albino frog lacks the evolutionary advantage of camouflage. Predators can easily spot him at night as well as during the day due to his inability to blend in with his natural environment. Socially, this places the albino frog in an especially tough spot. As greenish frogs begin to recognize the albino frog’s propensity to attract predators both day and night, they will decide that it is in their best interest to either ostracize the albino from their social group or leave him altogether and seek out a new home for themselves, but most likely the former.

In nature, the albino frog’s pale skin prevents him from spending a lot of time in the sun. Because he must avoid the sun, the albino frog finds himself deficient of many essential vitamins that would normally aid in his psychological development. In frog society, the albino frog’s paleness is a great hindrance as it prevents him from socializing with other frogs while they bathe in the sunlight. Additionally, the aforementioned lack of vitamins from the sun takes a developmental toll on the albino frog, making him irritable, antisocial, and generally unpleasant to be around. This typically leads to the greenish frogs’ decision to either ostracize the albino frog from their social group or leave him and seek out a new home for themselves, but most likely the former.

The albino frog naturally develops a set of eyes quite different from those of his greenish counterparts. His pupils are white, as if glazed over by a permanent fog. This trait drastically inhibits the albino frog’s eyesight, making him, in almost every case, legally blind. This development, as you can imagine, has significant social repercussions that can prove disastrous to the albino frog. One such occurrence can be witnessed in the area of frog courtship. When a male albino frog approaches another male frog and begins to flirt with him, mistaking him for a female (owing to his poor eyesight), the albino frog suffers horrendous ridicule and embarrassment at the webbed hands of his comrades. This can lead to the albino frog’s resolution to either ostracize himself entirely from the social group or request of the other frogs that they leave and seek out another place to live, but most likely the former.

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