September 20, 2011
Early Morning Assault

The neighborhood cats roam around in my front yard late at night. I look at them through the blinds of my window when I have trouble sleeping, which is most nights these days. I’m not privy to the reasons behind their gathering at this place, my home, and they don’t seem to notice me at all.

For weeks I watched them saunter across my manicured lawn, without any thought or concern as to how I felt about their being there. Finally, it became too much. I wanted to make it clear that I was tired of being treated like a nobody; tired of their assumption that no one of consequence lived at the house where they held their nightly meetings; tired of them acting as though someone wasn’t watching them through the blinds of his window.

It was usually around 2:00 AM when the cats gathered on my lawn. I adjusted the timer of my sprinklers accordingly.

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