September 9, 2011
I’ll Drink To That (An Allegory)

John wasn’t quite sure what to bring to his first meeting at Alcoholics Anonymous, so he wrote a poem and hoped everyone would like it.  It went like this:

I miss the way my life used to be when I wasn’t addicted to drinking.

So many people have said to me, “Oh, John, what were you thinking?”

I made a fool out of myself and shamed my family,

But now I’m here, I’m getting help.  I’ll be the best that I can be.

The time was then given to the alcoholics to discuss their experiences with addiction and overcoming alcoholism.  It went something like this:

“Hello, I’m Barry.” (Hi, Barry)  “I just wanted to say a quick thank you to our new friend, I think his name was John, and for that wonderful poem he just read to us.  I really like poems and that was a real good one.  I also wanted to say to him that he’s doing the right thing and that being here at these meetings will definitely, definitely help with his problem, because it is a problem.  And lastly I wanted to warn you all that next time I might bring a poem to read because I like poems so much, but it probably won’t be as good as John’s.  Thanks again.”

“Hi.  Katy Macklin.”  (Hi, Katy)  “Been coming here a long time.  Met a lot of great people.  I’ve learned a lot, too.  Welcome, John.  I really liked how good you rhymed.  My favorite part was where you talked about being the best.  I also want to be the best that I can be.  If you ever need a sponsor, and I’m not saying you need one because I think you’re off to a really good start, but if you decide to have one you can ask me.  I’ll say yes.  Thank you, all.”

“What’s up, it’s your boy, Darrel”  (Hi, Darrel)  “Yo, John, those rhymes was tight, man, for real.  I won’t make any jokes about how you is white or nothing ‘cause that has a negative energy to it, I think.  My son liked to rap a lot so I get a little emotional whenever I hear someone rhyme words.  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to cry and I know it ain’t manly.  I’m just happy to be here with people who are strugglin’ like I’m strugglin’.  Y’all raise me up, for real.  Thank you.”

“Juanita Gonzalez”  (Hi, Juanita)  “My father, when he came to this country, had to work very hard to make ends meat.  The stress made him drink a lot when he got home and I guess that’s where I got it from.  It’s been four days now since I’ve had a drink.  My father is dead, but I think he would be proud of me.  Thanks.”

“Hello.  Ben Carlisle.”  (Hi, Ben)  “I was never really good in school, especially the reading stuff, I hated that.  I always thought poems were for sissies, but I guess I’ve learned something here tonight that I didn’t think I would.  Thanks for your inspiring words, John.  I’d like to talk to you after the meeting, if that’s ok.  Thanks, everybody.”

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